Simple electric circuit

1. Click the switch to close or open it.

2. Select an appropriate electrical component (resistor, wire or meter) from the lower portion, click and drag it to a vacant site in the circuit. The component will fill into the vacant site when you release your mouse.

3. To remove an inserted component in the circuit, just drag it out and release.

4. The resistance of the rheostat can be varied over the range 0 - 100 Ohms.

5. Ideal ammeters and voltemters have zero and infinite internal resistances respectively. However, if we lift this assumption (uncheck the box "Ideal meters"), their internal resistances will become 20 Ohms and 10 kOhms respectively.

6. The resistance of resistor R is not shown (unless the label "Display Value of R" is clicked) ; it could be used, e.g. in a circuit with an unknown resistor going to be found.

7. Press the button "Change R" to reassign a value between 10 Ohm and 10 kOhm to R randomly.

8. Click the label " Display Value of R" to show the value of R. Click the label again to hide the value.

A complicated circuit