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Vector Addition


One would learn how vector addition be done within seconds.

1st law

Newton's first law of motion (inertia)



A thought experiment is performed under Newton's apple tree.

F, m and a

Analyzing uniformly accelerated motion


By exploiting the scenario of a car race, the uniformly accelerated motion is brought into discussion.


Projectile Motion


The horizontal and vertical motions in a projectile are, respectively, a motion of constant velocity and a motion exactly the same as a free fall.

spring mass

Spring-mass Oscillator


It underlines the connection between shm and circular motion. The three kinematic graphs (x-t, v-t and a-t) of shm are plotted.


Two-body Motion


Besides the real gravitational force, some hypothetical ones (force proportional to r, proportional to 1/r) are taken as possible options in the two-body interaction.


Types of Waves



It gives a visual comparison between transverse and longitudinal waves, traveling and standing waves.

longitudinal traveling wave

Longitudinal Traveling Wave

縱 行 波


Features are: (i) Color is lightened in rarefactions (ii) Displacement-time graphs at some selected points along the wave are plotted.


Interference of Water Waves


A noteworthy feature is a probe (the red dot) placed on the water surface. The probe responses to the amplitude of surface oscillation at its location. If it situates at a position of constructive (destructive) interference, the light bulb will flash at full brightness (go off).


Diffraction of Water Waves (Opening)


By adjusting the wavelength and the size of the slit, one realizes how these changes affect the diffraction pattern.


Generating Standing Waves on String (Resonance)


Resonance occurs (a standing wave is formed) when the driving frequency matches with one of the natural frequencies of the system, i.e., the condition of forming a standing wave is satisfied.


Generalized Lissajous Figures


The conventional Lissajous figures are those with x and y coordinates varying according to two sinusoidal waveforms of different frequencies and phases. We introduce a little more complexity by raising the two numbers to some positive integral powers.

EM induction

Electromagnetic Induction (Motional emf)


Whenever a metal rod cuts across a magnetic field, an emf will be induced. When this rod is a part of a complete circuit, an induced current will flow. This induced current, together with the magnetic field, will next produce a magnetic force on the moving rod. This magnetic force, according to Lenz's law, must be .........


RLC Series AC circuit

RLC 串聯交流電路


The very core relevant concepts are incorporated in this simulation. It has been found helpful for teachers to explain and students to understand.

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