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Light & Wave


Kinematics of 1 D uniformly accelerated motion
Projectile motion
Vector addition of forces
Newton's first law of motion (inertia)
Motion under different kinds of force
Plane motion produced by a user-controlled force
Inclined plane
Drop an object onto a moving trolley
Work and energy
Pendulum / Interrupted Pendulum
Conical pendulum
Spring-Mass Oscillator (Kinematics and Relationship with Circular Motion)
Spring-Mass Oscillator (Energy Changes)
An oscillator
Phase Difference
Damped Oscillations
Forced oscillations (resonance)
Balancing a Vertical Pole
Sticks Falling Over
Translation and Rotation
Rotating Frame of Reference


E & M
Simple electric circuit
Shunt and multiplier
Fleming Left Hand Rule
Magnetic force
Electromagnetic induction (motional emf)
Root-mean-square Voltage
Charging a Capacitor by d.c.
Square Voltage Applied to RC
Growth of Current in Inductor
Square Voltage Applied to RL
RLC series a.c. circuit
RLC parallel resonance
Lissajous figures


Not gate
NPN common emitter amplifier

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