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Projectile Motion

* g = 10 N /kg


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Html5 Version

Horizontal Motion Vertical Motion
Initial Velocity ux = ucosθ uy = usinθ
Acceleration ax = 0 ay = -g
Velocity vx = ucosθ vy = usinθ - gt
Position x = (ucosθ)t y = h + (usinθ)t - gt2/2
where g = 9.8 kg-2
  • Horizontal motion : uniform morion (constnat velocity)
  • Vertical motion: uniformly accelerated motion
  • When reaching the highest point, vy = 0
  • Maximum Height max H
  • When falling back to the ground, y = 0
  • Time of flight time of flight
  • Range R = (ucosθ)T
  • Range is maximum when angle for max R
  • In particular, when h = 0, θmax R = 45 o




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